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What Would Happen to Your Family
 if Something Happens to You?

Many families have had to deal with issues that arise when something unfortunate happens to a loved one, especially a provider. What would your family do if: 

  • You're injured and have little physical function?
  • You're in a physical rehab center for months?
  • You lose a big lawsuit from a car accident?
  • You die from a terminal disease?

About The Wealth Counselor

The Wealth Counselor LLC is an estate and asset  protection planning firm based in Washington, DC. We partner with a nationwide team of financial management, insurance, and tax planning professionals to help people protect themselves and their family.

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Preserving Your Wealth

The everyday occurrences above could wipe out what you've worked hard for and leave your family at risk of financial ruin and emotional distress. Unfortunately most people, maybe even you, are not protected. That's why preserving your wealth and sharing your wishes with family is so important.

Most people say "I'm not wealthy"  because they focus on millions of dollars and huge mansions when they  think of  wealth. But Webster's Dictionary defines wealth as "all goods, property, and resources having value." By that definition, most people have wealth - some more, some less. How do you preserve it?  Our services are broken down into three distinct pillars designed to preserve your wealth. These three pillars will wrap a layer of protection around you and your family. And give you peace of mind.

Three Pillars of Service

  Trusts and Estates

A trust can be a key strategy for 
  preserving assets for your loved ones
  and keeping assets out of probate.

Planning for Incapacity

To protect assets, proper long-term care planning should be part of a life plan. Inadequate planning has caused some seniors to lose precious assets.

Asset Protection Planning

Anyone, at anytime, can be sued for a substantial amount of money, but you can safeguard your assets with a comprehensive asset protection plan.